Looking for a Social Media manager platform that supports at least Facebook, Instagram and Google My Business (Not Google+ Pages or Profile, Google My Business) – anything above and beyond that is a bonus for later I guess.

I currently schedule up to twenty five posts on Facebook in advance and can have anywhere from one to ten images going with each post. Every so often I'll run an app I had made to scrape my Facebook posts (pulling in the text of the post as well as the first four images), add from a list of hashtags and set to post to IG on a randomized "schedule" (in actuality just a timer randomized between x and y number of seconds between posts; typically I set it for 5-8 hours). And thennnnn I'll post up whichever is the latest FB post to Google My Business when I get the notification that my last post is about to expire.

I want to automate all of that so all posts go to all three places on a schedule, typically twice a day.

Does anyone know of – and has used and liked – a SM Manager that can do all of that for all three of those platforms?

I've looked at several including Buffer, Hootsuite, Sendible, SocialReport, SocialPilot… and I think only Sendible offers the three I need. Before I go any further with it I wanted to hit up the Brain Trust here at Reddit and see what other options there may be out there.


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