I know a lot of people and businesses have difficulty Growing their social media pages. So I have come up with a list of ways I have used and know that work to grow your Social Media page. If you have a business as well this can help you boost your sales.

Before I share the Knowledge I want to make this perfectly clear that this isn't a post about me bragging or advertising of my account or anything. There is going to be a lot of reading, but there is a lot of critical thinking and useful information in this post. Im obviously not going to give away too much as if I wrote everything for you, you wouldn’t learn! And the point of this post is for you to use the Data im giving you and do your own thing with it and make it successful.

Let's begin on how I grew my social media pages.

Here's some Stats for my Account and time its taken to grow them.

Instagram:14.7k-9 Months

YouTube 1800 subscribers-5 months

Twitter 2k followers – 4 months

Yes they are not the largest accounts however, it took me a long time to truly do research and figure out how to grow an account. Now I know what you are thinking, "what makes your account great? you only have 14.7k followers"The fact is my accounts all have a high engagement rate. In ract my instagram accounts gets anywhere from 1k-3k likes (depending on what i post) and anywhere from 30-100+ comments depending on how I word my caption.I know accounts with 50k followers and they struggle to get the same reach as me, even on YouTube most of my videos have more views then I have subscribers (With one of the videos being 20k)

ok so now let's talk about the things I do to get there.

Lets start off with Instagram.

  1. A good Social Media Agency-a long time ago i hired a social media agency and got myself to 16k followers HOWEVER I would only get 200-400 likes per post, my reach was not what i wanted. After trying some other social media agencies i landed on one that seemed knowledgeable and told me things that I wouldn't do.A. They had to delete my following on Instagram. They told me these inactive "ghost followers" were just hurting my accounts. They told me to start using hashtags but to do research on them before i post them.So long story short, they deleted my followers and started to grow my page back up from 1k following (I lost 15k 🙁 ) After a few weeks i started to notice that my liking were going up and up and I was breaking my threshold already with just 2k followers. Woohoo i was excited to see improvement so quick. This made me understand Instagram a bit better and how to use it to my advantage.
    A good Agency can make and break your account, always do your research before proceeding with one! If you are like me and dont have much time, you can set your accounts to auto pilot with a good agency. However you might not learn as much so take that as you will and always try to learn!

  2. Hashtags– Hashtags are the single most important thing when it comes to growing a page however you are doing them wrong. Yes, you are no matter what you might think of it you are most likely using hashtags WRONG! The key to making hashtags work is not using the biggest hashtags but using very specific hashtags and ones that you can "Win" the trending spot. Figuring out which hashtags work for you takes a lot of time and error, I literally made 100s of spreadsheets to calculate it all. the results were i went from getting 100 views from hashtags to 4k-10k views meaning my page was getting a lot of attention and growing quick!
    There's a lot of researching to do when it comes to picking hashtags. I would start with 10 a day and just watch them and write down analytics of whatever that is happening in that hashtag.

  3. Captions- DO NOT SKIP THE CAPTION!!! Your captions should be asking people question, getting people to engage with your content! Your caption says a lot about you and your profile! be sure to make an interesting one.

  4. Good and original content- At the end of the day, good content is the king here. the other methods is are just ways to create exposure for your content. Take the extra minute to take the perfect picture, edit it. Get some feedback on it make sure its a good post!

My message isn't that you need a social media agency to grow, but a good one can teach you a lot and get you on the right path and can grow your page!


I think youtube is one of the hardest pages to grow in the beginning. I see so many people saying how it took them a year to get their first 100, or 2 years to get to 1000 and here i am getting to 1800 in just about 5 months.

YouTube is Tricky it requires a lot of work, be ready to put in that work if you are really planning on growing it.

First thing is first, CONTENT! This is the shit you need to really grow on YouTube. This means getting people who will give you honest feedback on your videos to give you feedback on it.

Search engine optimization- SEO is the best way to have your video show up in a search engine. I downloaded a program called VidIQ which can help you really optimize your SEO on YouTube.

Thumbnails-Click bait but dont false click bait and don't OVER clickbait. Just add a bit to the picture to make it really pop

Share that shit everywhere. Every social media page you got you have to be ready to post your Video on there.

I again used a social media agency to grow my page as well, it has helped a lot but its not needed!


Twitter is more or less Instagram but you have to be very very active on Twitter and people have to like you!

Social media is entirely about being Social and making "friends" You have to be ready to put in work every day to expand your page and your brand.

There are several tricks you can do to help your self expand your brand and create exposure for it but just think of it as work, it will get easier later on but for now its a lot of work not much reward type of thing.
Linkedin– A lot of times linkedin is a over looked platform, i see it as a “smaller” facebook but it has a lot of potential.Linkedin is very different but if used right you can get a lot of attention, growth and sales on there.

Find your niche and stick to it!

How these social media pages work is they look at your engagement and based on that they can see if you are posting good content or not. It would be impossible for instagram to check every single post to make sure its "good content"

Instagram shows your content to 5% of your followers first, if the majority of them like it, it will show it to the rest. This means if you have any inactive followers or ghost followers they are really hurting your exposure and the rate that you can grow.

So if you have a page about Cars, Don't post pictures about food. This means that the majority of your followers don't like it and if they dont like an X amount of your content, you will soon start to disappear from their feed.

Remember your objective on Social media is to MAKE FRIENDS

Use what your current likes/engagement you get to your advantage. Big hashtags with millions of posts just means your post will get lost in there. You want to attack hashtags that your post can be seen by a lot of people. This requires a lot of research but you can do it! there are companies that will do it for you but do it yourself and learn!

Give people compliments! People always like compliments, so give them out. they will make you and the other person feel better.

Don't forget about "call to action"

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