I'd love to hear about the workload of other social media managers. I'm trying to get a benchmark for whether I'm handling a normal amount, or if I should be able to handle more/work more efficiently. I currently manage 5 clients, each with 2-3 social accounts (Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter and/or Pinterest). Facebook and Instagram are the biggest focuses across all of my clients. Here's what I'm managing on an ongoing basis:

  • Content Creation: None of my clients provide content, so everything is created from scratch. I provide a calendar for each client on a monthly basis. I'm setting up shoots/taking the photos, editing them, and writing captions for the content. I use Sprout to schedule and post.
  • Reporting/Billing: Building a deck with insights on posts, audience growth, and ad performance on a monthly basis
  • Ad Management: Creating and standing up ads each month on Facebook/Instagram, plus boosting posts daily on each account
  • Listening/Engagement: Responding to comments/messages on each account; proactively engaging with accounts (specifically for Instagram)

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