Hi guys. I've run quite a few Facebook ad campaigns in the past and I've noticed that every time I choose the traffic objective to drive clicks to my clients' websites, my reach is incredibly low and I'm starting to wonder if it's better to just go for reach only.

Some numbers to help you out. With Link Clicks averaging about $1 per click I get around 10,000 reach and a 100 clicks to the site.

With the Reach objective I can get anywhere between 50,000 – 200,000 depending on how engaging the ad creative is and how I optimise the targeting and placements.

So far I usually try to have a balance between the two objectives. But lately I've been asking myself if the 100 clicks to my website is really worth it. My total audience size is between 2-3 million and it just feels so much more worth it to reach out to a large percentage of them than to pay for clicks. My budget is around $300 every month for this particular client.

My main concern is how Facebook calculates these clicks. Do accidental clicks count? How long does a person have to stay on the site for it to be considered a click. And finally, does the Facebook algorithm just send my CTW ads out to click-farms which have no value to my campaign?

Thanks in advance!

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