Hi everyone! I'm planning to launch a daily vlog for the month of September. I'm debating which video platform would be best and I thought this sub might have some input.

The objective is more intrinsic than extrinsic — I've been practicing a number of productivity and wellness strategies over the last year and I'd simply like to share my thoughts in a series of videos over the course of a month. For instance, one day's topic might be "Journaling" while another might be "Accountability." There's no business goal; I'd just like for interested people to be able to benefit from what I've learned. However, if I enjoy it, I can see myself doing more in the future.

It's worth noting that I'd prefer not to do a live format as I want to use this as an opportunity to enhance my editing skills as well, even if the edits are overall very minor.

A few considerations:

  • Out of my personal social accounts, I have the largest audience on Facebook. However, I don't intend to share these videos there as the audience is just a little bit too… um, shall we say… unpredictable (ahem, r/insanepeoplefacebook).

  • I used to be mildly active on YouTube and to me, this is the platform that feels safest. Even though I use my real name, I have only a few subscribers. Anyone who would watch is someone specifically seeking out this type of content.

  • I have a small Instagram following (less than 1k) of people I mostly know IRL, but I've been reading about the pros and cons of IGTV and I'm not convinced someone with a small following can use the platform to reach a new audience. I'm concerned I'd be sharing into a void. I do see a high engagement rate when I post video content on IG, though.

Feedback and thoughts are much appreciated! Thanks for helping me think this though.

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