So I made an Internet based Social Networking Website; Wherein peeps can interact with one another, No Add Friends, No Follow Ups, Only subscriptions. This way I can keep the difference from Facebook besides its quote and quote "the next big thing", I just wanna showcase it once its done, It may however have resemblance to DeviantART or any of those Artistic websites created without a Bias of connecting Social Networks to one another. I had plans before, But. I halted that since Facebook is already connecting one System to Another. 🙂

So I better hope these Screenshots will showcase how the Social Network looks like, I mean, Not really a Social Network rather a Rendition Network which somewhat showcases Creativity among its Members. 🙂 I will post the Link once I'm done with its Algorithms. ^^ Note: The most Interesting Part about the System is that it is "Account Creation Password-less"; Hence you won't need Passwords and Usernames to create an Account. 🙂 Also, Any recommendations would do, Like a Suggestion thing-box. ^^



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