As a marketer and content creator

I started posting on ALL the platforms to get a sense of what's going on

Youtube and Reddit BY FAR have the best audience

Youtubers watch videos longer, the engage more, better content

Redditors are similar, the platforms a bit messy though


Facebook is weak

Short attention and low quality thinkers unless you find a special group

Instagram is weak

Super short attention

Works mainly for status signalling

BUT it has the MOST attention and if you can figure out how to use it


It's where the Youth and the Cool people are

Twitter is a little in between

The smartest people use Twitter

But it's getting overrun by marketers

And lastly with the first wave of censorship i.e. Alex Jones

Things are going to get really weird


Best use of the internet in my opinon is PODCASTS either by youtube or the myriad of Podcast platforms

You can literally take University courses in you "lost time"

Cooking, cleaning, travelling


Be careful Folks

I've been reading up on what it does to your attention and it's literally like someone discovered LSD a decade ago and we all just started taking it in MASSIVE DOSES

Now people are figuring out that… Well…

Moderation is usually best…

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